Posted: July 18th, 2012


Well, of course a lot of people are asking why I came back to The Wiggles this year with all the hoopla surrounding my return - supposedly having booted Sam from his job - only to announce 4 months later, that I'm leaving again.  And if they haven't read my earlier post in which I clarified a couple of key points around this, I can totally understand their confusion.

The key points are these:

My Return: I returned to The Wiggles at the invitation of The Wiggles.  It had become clear to them that Sam would not be continuing on past the end of 2011, and they needed to work out what to do. I was only offered the role of the Yellow Wiggle until the end of August 2012.  That was what I accepted because it suited my family and me.  The reason for them offering me the role for this brief period was so it would help them transition between Sam and a NEW yellow wiggle, as well as to give the chance to perform with my mates again.  My reasons for accepting their offer an returning were as I stated in my earlier post of February 5, 2012.

Replacing Sam: This is what it was, replacing Sam, not kicking him out to get my job back.  It was clear to the Wiggles that during 2011, Sam had been doing auditions for other projects that would take place in 2012.  There was a mutual agreement for Sam to leave The Wiggles, thus leaving the guys needing someone to be the Yellow Wiggle. I was approached by Mike Conway, who was at the time one of the Managing Directors of The Wiggles.  He handled all matters relating to Sam's departure and my return, right down to the way it was handled in the media.  The Wiggles (and I) copped a lot of negative press and comment frmo the public over this matter, which was to a very large extent out of our own control. In fact, the line in the press release which I had approved about my return being only a temporary thing was taken out at the last minute, much to my distress, as the final press release did not address that, but even worse, included the words that "Sam graciously offered to step aside upon hearing of Greg's ability to perform again".  This was, as far as I was told by Mike Conway in all my negotiations with him about my return, and my understanding of the facts, untrue.  Needless to say, Mike Conway is no longer Managing Director of The Wiggles.

My Re-Retirement: In late February of this year, Murray and Jeff decided to stop performing with The Wiggles at the end of this year.  When they made this decision, they asked if I would stay on until the end of the year and make this the final year off shows with the original line up of The Wiggles.  That seemed to make a lot of sense to me, and with no statement having been issued about my return being only temporary, it seemed like a logical time to conclude my time again as the Yellow Wiggle.

So, I hope that this clarifies some things for people who are wondering what has gone on in all of this.  It is good for me to get this off my chest, as I feel to a certain extent I was made a scapegoat for things not working out between Sam and The Wiggles and I wanted to clear the air around this for some time.  Now that there have been some changes in management, I feel I can do that in an open way.

Keep wiggling,